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How to Graft tomato
Oct 25, 2016

                How to Graft tomato


Tomato as a greenhouse cultivation of vegetable crops, the cultivation area is still expanding year by year.

There are many grafting methods, such as oblique splicing, splicing and tongue grafting, which are commonly used in grafting. Now most of the actual production or using split splicing grafting.

The splicing method takes only 5 steps: 

Grafting when the rootstock grows to 5-6 leaves. Usually in the second piece of leaves above the position of grafting.

1. First rootstock seedlings in the second piece of leaf cutting with a blade, remove the top.

2. With a blade in the stem central split, cut down deep 1-1.5 Cm cut.

3.And then remove the scion seedlings, retaining 2-3 leaves.

4. With a blade in the stem central split, cut down into the wedge-shaped deep-cut, wedge-shaped incision with deep rootstock incision.

5 The scion was inserted into the incision of the rootstock and fixed with grafting clips.

Management of grafted seedlings

After grafting, must be fine management, or grafted seedlings is not easy to survive. 7-10 days after grafting, be sure to keep the humidity of the bed, the relative humidity of the air to maintain between 50% -70%, humidity during the day can not exceed 20 ℃, while avoiding direct sunlight to minimize the scion of cotyledons and true leaves Of the transpiration, so that the scion of vascular bundles and rootstock before scion joint loss of water will not die. 10 days after the normal seedlings can be managed.

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