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How to Grow Hemp?
Mar 11, 2020

Growing hemp seeds in nursery trays

1020 size (72 cells, 128 cells) seedling tray is perfect for hemp cultivation. It has many separate slots. When sowing, sprinkle one or two seeds in each cell, easy to use and manage. Compatible with flat trays and humidity domes to form a mini greenhouse. Humidity dome has holes with black turn button that it can ventilation and regulating temperature for plants, so you have complete control over the germination process of plant.

After preparing the nursery tray, put the seeds in soil. In the next few days, you will take care of it. Keep nursery tray moist, but not too moist. Soon you can see the first seedlings growing out of the nursery tray.


Transplant seedlings into flower pots

When your hemp seedlings have reach a certain height, they can be transplanted into pots.

Your hemp seedlings will adapt to this new large flower pot and can grow lush inside.

After that you need to adjust the pot size according seedlings size.

If you are planting indoors, planting box can't accommodate the gradually growing seedlings, you need to trim the top leaves and branches. Cutting off the top leaves and branches, seedlings will gradually separate at the pruning area to grow two branches. The benefit is that seedlings will become stronger, and more hemp sprouts will grow. The disadvantage is that newly grown sprouts will be smaller than those that are not pruned. In fact, it depends on personal preference. Some people like to make plants look like low bushes by trimming, others like tall plants.

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