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How to grow pepper with seedling tray
Apr 24, 2017

50 holes seedling tray is the best choice to plant pepper.

Will be mixed with a good breeding substrate into the seedling tray, the nursery stock with a number of nursery stock together, add a board, slightly forced down, due to force, each seedling hole has a subsidence Of the pit, and then the pepper seed on the seedling tray, each hole sowing 2 to 4, sowing after the above covered vermiculite, so that with the plug tray flush, and then sprayed with a watering pot. In the nursery tray covered plastic sheeting, thermal insulation, promote the emergence of seedlings. After the seedlings are removed, the plastic cloth will be removed, and the seedlings will be able to remove 1 to 2 seedlings per well according to different requirements.

50S (2).jpg

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