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How to grow strawberries in pots?
Oct 22, 2021

How to grow strawberries in pots?

Before planting strawberries, choose flowerpots with drainage holes and use loose, fertile, and air-permeable slightly acidic loam. After planting, place the flowerpots in a warm environment to ensure sufficient sunlight, proper watering and fertilize during the growth period. During the maintenance period, pay attention to move the plants to a cool place in summer, increase the amount of watering, and avoid using thick fertilizers on strawberries.

Pots for Strawberry

Strawberry is afraid of flooding, so it needs soil with good ventilation and drainage performance. Generally, it is suitable to use loose, fertile and air-permeable slightly acidic loam. Be careful not to use heavy clay. Strawberries do not have high requirements for flower pots. They can be grown in plastic pots or clay pots. Make sure that the flower pots have drainage holes and can drain normally to avoid root rot due to accumulation of water.

Strawberry is a light-loving plant, temperature-loving, and shade-tolerant. It is suitable for growing in a warm and shady environment. The temperature suitable for plant growth is between 20 and 30 degrees, and the temperature for flowering and fruiting is between 4 and 40 degrees. During the growth period, the plants should be given sufficient light to make them bloom and bear fruit. The more light, the more sugar will be accumulated, which will make the flowers beautiful and the fruit sweet.

Nursery Pot for Strawberry

Strawberries have stricter requirements for water. In spring and flowering period, they need a proper amount of water to keep the pot soil moist. See dry and wet. In the summer and fruiting period, more water is needed. Increase the amount of watering and spray the plants appropriately. In winter, you need to control water. During the growth of strawberries, a thin fertilizer solution can be applied once in about 30 days to promote plant growth.

During the maintenance period, the strawberries need to be placed in a warm and ventilated place to ensure sufficient light. During the summer, the plants need to be moved to a cool place to avoid direct sunlight and burn the leaves. Strawberry's root system is relatively shallow. Apply thinner fertilizer as much as possible to avoid thick fertilizer from damaging the roots. The fruiting period of strawberries is between June and July. After the fruits are mature, they can be harvested.

Nursery Pot for Strawberries

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