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How to Grow Succulents?
Feb 05, 2020

1. Soil

First, clean the succulents roots to eliminate germs. To avoid damaging the roots, be careful when washing. Then, pruning the diseased roots according to specific situation.

Soil can be succulents special soil or self-configured soil, only needs to ensure good drainage and breathability. Use flower pots with drain holes, not too large or too small, suitable for succulents. A layer of ceramsite can be placed on pots bottom to enhance drainage.


2. Watering

Pay attention to control watering, keep the soil moist, so succulents will open pores and speed up breathing, so they will grow quickly.

But can't watering too much. If stagnant water is formed in the pot, succulent plant will start to protect itself, closing pores of breathing, and the growth will be slower. Succulents have some drought tolerance, so watering once a week is enough.

3. Sunlight

Succulents need enough sunlight to grow. You can put succulents in a place with long sunlight time to promote photosynthesis. But avoid strong sunlight and burn the leaves. Succulents grow best at temperatures between 15 and 28℃.

succulent plant

4. Fertilize

Succulents, like bulbous plants, need high potassium fertilizers. We can apply some compound fertilizers with high potassium content. Potassium fertilizer can promote root growth and increase resistance.

5.Prevent Pests

Regularly check for diseases and pests,promptly remove or spray with special medicine.

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