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How to Grow Tomatoes?
Dec 31, 2019


Tomato seeds are easy to produce, provided they come from a traditional variety and not from a hybrid. Before selecting seeds, test seed germination rate, the higher germination rate, the fuller seeds, the larger harvest, and the better economic benefits.

Before planting, soak seeds in warm water. This will not only break seeds dormancy, promote germination, but also have certain sterilization effect.



Germination of tomato seeds requires warmth. Usually the natural warmth of spring is enough, but in cooler climates, gardeners can use a few tricks to get them growing before spring.

In late winter, sow seeds in a warm place, into small pots or cell trays, such as in heated propagator, foam box or even on top of your hot water system.



Later management of tomatoes is very simple, ensure sufficient light, proper amount of water and fertilizer, and keep soil moist.

Watering more during drought, drain in time during rainy season to avoid root rot. The suitable temperature for tomatoes is 20-25℃, above 30℃ will affect the fruit color.

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