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How to Grow Tomatoes?
Feb 14, 2020

Tomatoes are usually sown from february to may. Choose good quality seeds, plant them in deep layer soil, good breathability, and slightly acidic soil. Under sufficient sunlight, add appropriate amount of water and fertilizer to keep the soil moist. You can grow big and sweet tomatoes.



Tomato planting should choose high quality seeds to avoid expired seeds, affect later stage seed germination.


After choose seeds, put them into clean water and soak 1-2 hours. After taking it out, put it in warm water (50-60℃) and mix 15 minutes. Then continue to soak 3-5 hours, plant it after taking out.


Buy seedling pots on the market. It is best to grow tomatoes with deep layer soil, good breathability, and slightly acidic soil. If you want to produce high quality tomatoes, you can apply appropriate amount nitrogen fertilizer. Phosphate fertilizer can be added at the early fruit period to improve the quality of tomatoes.



Spray water on soil to maintain a slightly moist state and insert seeds. The distance between the seeds should not be too close, then give it germination environment of 20-30 ℃ and wait for germination.

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