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How to Grow Vegetables in a Greenhouse
Oct 31, 2016

 How to Grow Vegetables in a Greenhouse

Greenhouse film planting the vegetable is a relatively common 

technology, It has good insulation, loved by people, Because it 

can be eaten at any time of season vegetables, greenhouse film 

are used bamboo and steel-based structure of the skeleton, and 

then covered with one or more layers of insulation plastic film, 

so that a simple structure to create a complete greenhouse space. 

Plastic film can effectively prevent the loss of carbon dioxide 

generated during the growth of vegetables in order to achieve the 

desired effect of greenhouse insulation.


Off-season cultivation

If you want the Vegetable prices are high, you can planting 

off-season vegetables ,  it is to satisfy the market demand, 

and increase economic efficiency.  In the autumn planting 

shade-tolerant vegetables such as cabbage, radish, note with 

black overlay to shade to achieve the cooling effect.


Soilless cultivation

Soilless culture is not only low cost, but also high yield, 

good quality vegetables, health, environmental protection and 

other advantages of soilless cultivation methods used are water 

planting method, nutrient solution planting method. This

cultivationmethod uses a wide range, and promote the development 

of high-quality vegetables.


High yield cultivation

3.1 The formation of land, balanced fertilization

Select the cultivation of vegetable land to be flat, fine, in the

land before planting to renovation, fertilization, weeding and so 

on. Due to the greenhouse temperature and the outside world have 

some differences, fertilization to be appropriate to avoid 

excessive fertilization caused by soil deterioration


3.2 Select a reasonable shed-type structure

In general, the choice of shed-span in the 8 ~ 12m, greenhouses 

in the length of 60 ~ 120m, three walls, three rows of columns, 

the best use of bamboo in the column or steel stand. Covering the 

use of non-drip film in the shed, thereby increasing the 

temperature inside the greenhouse.


3.3 species selection

The best choice of varieties can be low temperature, low light 

requirements, resistance, high humidity, high yield, short 

planting time varieties. Planting greenhouses high yield of 

vegetables, good quality to meet market demand, improve economic 

efficiency. Such as planting cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers 

and so on.


Vegetable cultivation should scientifically choose cultivation 

methods, eliminate the factors restricting the growth of 

vegetables and scientific management. So as to improve the yield 

of greenhouse vegetables by balancing the fertilization, 

constructing rational shed structure, selecting the antibacterial 

varieties, rationally using the "greenhouse gas", regulating the 

temperature and humidity, drip irrigation under film, and 

scientific medicine treatment and treatment. , Increase economic 



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