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How to Grow Wheatgrass in a Few Simple Steps?
Sep 11, 2020

1. Seeds

Put your seeds in a bowl and add two to three times as much water to the bowl. Make sure it is around 60-70° for optimal germination. Soak for 12 hours.

After the seeds are soaked, drain the bowl. You can use water to water other growing plants because they are full of seed nutrients.

Rinse the seeds with more water and drain again. Place the sprouts on a paper towel on a counter in direct sunlight. Repeat the process of rinsing and draining until the beginning of the root is seen in most (or all) new shoots.

2. Seedling Tray

If you use good potting soil, add it to the planting tray. Wet it well with water, but not too wet-you don't form any puddles in the medium. Make sure to check with your fingers that the soil is completely wet. Using 10" x 20" trays, they only need at least 1/2" of soil to provide root space.

The germinating wheat seed in the planting tray - 副本

2. Planting

Spread the seeds evenly on the soil. Most people tend to underplant at first, so feel free to sprinkle as many seeds on your tray. The plants it produces are smaller than the seeds themselves.

Cover the paper tray with another turned over paper tray. In the early stages of growth, this is essential to keep the growing area dark and moist. The tray should also have holes so that air can enter and exit the cavity.

Place the tray in a dimly lit place at room temperature.

planting tray - 副本

4. Watering

Water the wheat grass regularly, then the wheat grass will sprout and grow up slowly.

This is wheatgrass we planted in our office, it has grown up!

planting tray - 副本

plastic tray - 副本

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