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How to grow wheatgrass better with a seedling tray
Nov 29, 2016

Without soil cultivation method to plant Wheatgrass:

1, soaking: take wheat seeds put it on the bottle, wash with water than fill the water, soak 8-10 hours. Summer soak for a short time, soak a bit longer in winter, until the seeds absorb moisture.


2, germination: washed clean the soaked seeds, take a seedling tray, covered with a layer of paper, water wet, the seeds evenly sprinkled (can be filled with dense, as long as the accumulation is not possible). Take a towel or napkin above the seed line (to use water wet, from the role of moisture). The following seedlings can be used to leak, do not make the seeds soaked in water!

Germination need to shade ---- simulate the seeds in the soil environment, so covered with a towel or paper towels.


 3, cultivate: a day to the water dripping water. The bad moldy seeds picked out, otherwise it will infect other seeds (in fact, I lazy, once not picked, the impact is not!);

Wait until the buds grow nearly 1 cm, you can put a towel or paper towel removed, so that wheat grass grows freely. Daily water moisturizing, you may need 2-3 times a day (depending on the weather, the day heat 3 times, relatively cool 2 times, 1 winter can).

Note: Do not accept sun exposure, astigmatism like!


4, harvest: When the green wheat grass grow to 10-15 cm, they can harvest drink. Harvest with scissors or knife as close to the root cut (harvest time depends on the environment, water quality, climate and planting varieties, depending on the 5-12 days)


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