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how to growing pepper in your garden
Oct 21, 2016

how to growing pepper in your garden

Tools & materials

• Pepper seeds, seedling trays, land

• Manure, soil and organic manure




Seed Selection

There are a variety of pepper seeds, according to different types of hot pepper and sweet pepper, we like to see hot pepper or sweet pepper it! Spicy pepper generally longer fruit, the bottom of the pedicle is long and sharp, like a small awl, sweet pepper is boxy, like a small lantern, pepper pedicle is indented to the inside.

Seedling tray

the plastic seedling tray of the general choice for the size of 54 × 28 cm, 72 holes seedling tray.

Substrate selection and ratio of peat, vermiculite and perlite as the basic raw materials, supplemented by tasteless chicken manure and organic fertilizer and mix well prepared into nutrient soil, the ratio of ratio: urea: potassium dihydrogen phosphate: chicken manure (cow dung ): Peat: vermiculite (perlite) = 1: 0.6: 7: 70: 23.



After the seedlings out neatly to timely transplanting into the ground


Pepper bifurcation, and to timely fertilization, organic manure is a good choice, it can accelerate the growth. when to fertilize timely . This is after transplanting peppers grew up, outstretched fingers spaced about distance, about fifteen centimeters bars, spacing about ten centimeters, based on their experience.

Pepper bear fruit, I have own freshly harvested! I am very happy

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