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How to identify the material of plastic turnover box?
Sep 23, 2019

Plastic turnover boxes are widely used in daily life, but they have many materials, so many consumers don't know how to identify them.


The most common production method for plastic logistics box is injection molding, material is usually PE (Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene). Also divided into raw materials and recycled materials.

1. Surface

If produced with raw materials, the product has smooth surface, bright colors and good gloss. If produced with recycled materials, product surface will appear granulated and the color will be dull.

plastic turnover box material

2. Odor

Good material plastic box have no pungent smell. In contrast, the bad material plastic box have pungent smell. Recycled materials are relatively cheaper than raw materials.


3. Toughness

Plastic turnover box produced by the raw material has good toughness, high strength and impact resistance, and has strong pressure resistance. Plastic storage box produced by the recycled material is easy to crack and damage.

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