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How to Install Greenhouse Film?
Nov 04, 2019

1. Prepare plastic film

Need to measure the length of greenhouse, to determine the length of plastic film. Under normal circumstances, the length of plastic film is the length of greenhouse plus 1 meter.

Place your plastic film overnight near the greenhouse structure. This process allows the plastic film to adapt to outdoor temperatures. Choose a cool morning to install. Do not work with the plastic film in hot weather. Plastic films expand with heat and shrink when cool, causing tearing and damage to the plastic film.

greenhouse films

2. Covering the greenhouse film

If your building is tall, you need to be careful. Covering the greenhouse roof with plastic roll, allow the plastic to hang down the end walls on both sides. The material should touch the ground and have some extra slack for attachment. Pull the plastic down toward the ground until it is taut at the end wall. Various fasteners can be used to properly anchor the plastic to the greenhouse frame. Use scissors to cut off excess plastic on the ground for a better final look.

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