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How to install the air root pot
Jun 21, 2017

How to install the air root pot

Place the chassis on the side, by the bottom of the second groove.On the side, the punching (projection, hole) side outward, the side edge of the chassis into a circle. The side of the 2 overlap, with screws fastening.


One advantage of Air Pot is the ability to continually “air prune” roots. Air pruning occurs when the root tip reaches a pocket of air, which causes the tip to desiccate and forces the root branch.

(1)Prevent damaging root circling;

(2)Root pruning produces healthier root structure;

(3)Remove the screws, the sidewall drop off, fast plant rejuvenation after transplanting.

(4) Mesh base can better for drainage.

(5)Easy to install and remove.

10 gallon black plastic air root pot for plants (1).jpg

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