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How to Operate When Grafting Crops?
Apr 12, 2019

Many farmers don't know how to operate when grafting crops, understand the basic grafting place and grafting tool, the grafting effect will be better.


Commonly used grafting place mainly include sunny greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and heating greenhouses. In the autumn and spring, the grafting place are mostly used as plastic greenhouse and sunlight greenhouses. In winter, you can use a heating greenhouse. Summer grafting should consider shading facilities, ensure that the proper temperature is maintained after grafting. Generally, the grafting place temperature is 20~25°C. The suitable temperature is not only easy to operate, but also beneficial for wound healing. Also need pay attention to the air humidity of the grafting place, clean and windless, as well as proper shading, direct sunlight will cause the seedlings wilted.

Grafting prepare tools:


Usually use a shaving double-sided blade,when the blade cutting is blunt, Should be replaced in time, avoid affecting the survival rate of plants due to irregular incisions.


2.Grafting clip

Grafting clips can be used to secure the scion and rootstock so that the cut surfaces are tightly joined. It is easy to use, flexible, and reusable. Grafting clips are divided into silicone grafting clips and plastic grafting clips, plastic grafting clip is further divided into round mouth grafting clip and square mouth grafting clip, you can choose the appropriate grafting clip according to the shape and size of the interface.


Correct disinfection, can avoid bringing germs from the interface into the plant.

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