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How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves and Cuttings use the seedling tray
Feb 22, 2017

First choose 32 holes 40 holes or 50 holes of the plug tray.

Choice of leaves the more healthy the thicker the nutrients rich in leaves and cutting.

1. After the removal of more meat plant leaves, first placed in a cool place to dry the wound dry, three or four days after the leaves inserted, to avoid leaf rot.

2. Planting more meat into the plug tray, the soil leveling, in general, leaves the media will be mixed with some vermiculite, play a role in water retention, peat soil, granular soil, vermiculite, the ratio can reach 1 : 1: 1

3. The prepared leaves are arranged one by one. The direction of the foliage to heaven up, back down.

4. Soil to maintain a certain degree of humidity on the line, if watering, try not to pour the leaves, or leaves easy to rot. During this period do not need too much light, on the bright light without direct ventilation can be.

5. mother leaves grow seedlings, you can add a little light, to avoid leggy, when the water should be careful not to pour seedlings seedlings.

6. so leaves the small cubs grow to a certain time, you can carry the basin, if this time the mother leaves are still intact, you can gently off,

Leaves cutting growing best season is spring, autumn.


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