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How to put plastic container to save space
Nov 21, 2017

How to put plastic container to save space

Modern three-dimensional warehouse can see the figure of plastic containers. In the warehouse can not only play a role in collecting and finishing items, more importantly, make the warehouse looks more neat specifications. So, plastic crates how to put in the business workshop to save space?

First, according to the requirements of the workshop set in the designated area and the number of places, plastic containers can only contain the finished product in the production process, may not be used without permission for its use, turnover box is divided into white, blue and green.

Second, the empty box to confirm no scattered products within the box, it must be inverted stored in the designated area. The turnover box with product flow according to the provisions of the product flow with the process, to be placed in multi-storey container turnover capacity should be less than 20 mm along the upper edge of the box, single layer shall not exceed the upper edge of the box mouth to avoid the handling of products within the box In the loss and produce bad products.

Third, the car (frame) by the use of state and purpose were placed in the designated area, the use of return to the original place.


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