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How To Use Air Root Pot for Seedling?
May 13, 2019

Air root pot consists of base, sidewall and screws. Base is a sieve-like structure, which has unique effect to prevent root rot and main root entanglement. Side walls are concave and convex, and small holes at the outer wall top have the function of “air pruning”, makes the seedling roots short and thick, close to the natural growth shape, especially for the cultivation and transplanting of large seedlings and seasonal transplanting, which has obvious advantages.


1、Preparation for planting place

Before planting, it is necessary to level the planting place and build water source.


2、Substrate configurations

The substrate is divided into nutrient soil, soilless substrate and mixed substrate, substrate choice should have the following conditions: source wide, low cost, moisturizing, breathable, permeable, without pathogens, etc.

After the substrate is configured, it is left for a period of time, organic matter therein is further decomposed, and finally the substrate is disinfected.


3、Seedling planting

Seedlings suitable for local climate and habits should be selected, then pruning the branches and roots. When the seedling is planted, container bottom is filled with a part of the substrate, then seedlings are placed in the air root pot, and then filled substrate, substrate is compacted.



Watering number and watering amount should be flexible grasp according to the season, weather, substrate type, and seedling growth.



In daily maintenance, the nutrients needed by plants should be supply in time, and organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer are combined with each other. While using chemical fertilizers, using some decomposed organic fertilizers can not only balance nutrition, but also improve soil fertility and loose.


6、Other management measures

In dry or cold area, plants need to pay attention watering, not resistant to frost plant should have cold-proof measures, such as root cover and tree wrapping.

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