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How to Use Lazy Flower Pot
Mar 22, 2019

The lazy flower pots are basically planted in the lower part of the lower water storage.

Then use siphon or directly absorb water with a certain absorbent medium to keep the soil moist. Then there should be a water level display. After the water level becomes lower, add water to the reservoir.


This is a ceramic art flower pot for potting. It is suitable for soilless cultivation and soil cultivation, and has a national patent to effectively maintain the moisturizing and venting of the roots of potted plants.

The lazy flower pot has a double-layer structure, the upper layer is the planting area, the lower layer is the water storage area, and the water is transported to the upper layer through the soft absorbent fibers.

The double-layer water storage structure ensures that the plant has sufficient and stable water source to ensure the healthy growth of the plant, while being clean and beautiful, and convenient for watering.

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