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How To Use Seed Tray for Seedling?
May 29, 2019

Seed tray planting is a new seedling technology that uses opposite season vegetable production in recent years. Compared with traditional seedling method, it has following advantages: after sowing, seedlings can grow quickly and neatly, saving seeds and harvesting in advance, etc.

Specific operation method:

1、Seed tray choose and disinfection

There are many models and sizes of seed tray, choose corresponding seed tray according to your needs.

Place seed tray in a bleaching powder solution diluted 100 times (1 kg bleaching powder plus 99 kg water), soak 8 to 10 hours, remove and dry.

2、Substrate preparations


At present, the common substrate materials for seedling trays are peat, vermiculite, perlite. More use peat: vermiculite: perlite = 2:1:1, but also add appropriate inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer to substrate, and then substrate disinfect.


3、Substrate load into seed tray


Put prepared substrate in seed tray, be careful not to press it tightly, because compaction can damage physical properties of substrate, will reduce air content and absorbable water in substrate.

Each cell should be clearly visible after filling substrate and then spray water.

4、Pressing cells


Use same model empty seed tray to be placed vertically on another seed tray filled with substrate sprayed water, place your hands flat on seed tray and gently press down, seeding depth is mastered according to different plant varieties requirements.



Sprinkle the seeds in seedling tray, sprinkle one seed per cell.

6、Covering substrate


After sowing, use vermiculite to cover seed tray. Do not cover the vermiculite too thick, and it should be level with the cells.

7、Seedling management


Pay attention to temperature management, water fertilizer management, and remove seedling fill a vacancy.

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