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How to use silicone grafting clip to grafting the vegetable
Nov 25, 2016
                 How to use silicone grafting clip to grafting the vegetable? 

  Management of Grafted

  (1) The optimum temperature of wound healing after grafting is about
        25 ℃.
 Therefore, the greenhouse bed in 3 to 5 days during the day should be 
controlled at 24 ~ 26 ℃,preferably not more than 28 ℃; night remained
at 20 ~ 22 ℃, not less than 16 ℃. Can be erected in a small greenhouse
shed insulation, high temperature season to take cooling measures, such
as scaffolding, ventilation and other methods to cool. 3 to 5 days later,
began to vent, gradually reduce the temperature.

(2) Moisturizing is the key to graft success. Requirements in 3 to 5 days,
the relative humidity within the small shed control 90% to 95%, 4 to 5
days after the ventilation cooling, humidity, but also to maintain
relative humidity between 85% to 90%.
(3) can be shaded paper, grass curtain covered in a small arch shed, 
cloudy without cover. 3 to 4 days after grafting, to all shading, the first
four days to light sooner or later, noon shading, then gradually remove
the cover. Low temperature, may be appropriate to see the light early to
improve the temperature and promote wound healing; high temperature
at noon to shade. After about 10 to 15 days, the interface all heal well,
remove the fixed clip, resume daily management. Grafted stock
rootstock often grow lateral buds, should be timely in the sunny morning
to erase, so as not to form the soil surface bacteria infection through the

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