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Introduction to plastic pallets packaging
Sep 19, 2017

Introduction to plastic pallets packaging


Plastic pallets packaging is a package or product in a certain way in the plastic pallets stacking, through the binding, wrapping and other methods to be fixed, the formation of a handling unit, easy to mechanized loading and unloading, storage and management of packaging.


1. Plastic pallet packaging process


The product is packed in the box, wrapped with a sealed tape, placed on the plastic pallets stacking, and then with the angle, wrapped film, packed with strapping packaging. Finally, you can use the forklift output to the container, into the logistics sector.


Plastic pallets packaging is usually used with the paper angle, stretch film, packing belt and other bundling materials as a whole, as one of the integrated packaging method of plastic pallets packaging, the main advantages are:


(1) the overall performance is good, stacking stability is high, to avoid loose stack drop box problem;


(2) suitable for mechanized handling, improve work efficiency 3 to 8 times;


(3) greatly reduce the circulation of the package collision, drop, dumping and brutal loading and unloading, improve product safety;


(4) reduce the cost of circulation. The data show that the use of plastic pallets packaging instead of the original packaging will greatly reduce the cost of circulation. Among them, home appliances reduced by 45%, paper and its products by 60%, groceries 55% lower, flat glass, refractory bricks reduced by 15%.



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