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Is the Plastic pallet can use the forklift?
Jan 04, 2018

Is the Plastic pallet can use the forklift? 

It can be said that we are a professional manufacturer of plastic pallets. Over the years, we have been constantly improving our production equipment and production technology, and we are constantly developing plastic pallets of new specifications in order to better meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our manufacturers produce plastic pallet size specifications are diverse, there are about 100 kinds of size tray. However, there may be customers will ask, you can use the forklift plastic pallet it? This can be sure to tell you that it is possible, but some specifications are not able to use the forklift, everyone in the procurement and our customer service or sales representative to do a detailed communication, so as to avoid the phenomenon of inappropriate use.

Can I use a forklift for plastic trays? Plastic pallets produced by our factory not only can be used forklift, cattle can also be used, but also four-way into the fork, it is more convenient to use. In the warehouse pallet or on the shelves are possible, but also more suitable for logistics of bulk, unitized transport, all types of truck transport, etc., but also can be used in conjunction with the non-slip rubber, to ensure that the goods In the transport or handling process will not slip down, and we produce plastic trays durable, recyclable, is environmentally friendly plastic pallet products. Whether the food industry, wine industry, pharmaceutical industry, or warehousing, logistics, etc. can be safe to use.

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