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Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pots
Mar 16, 2020

1. Aesthetics: color, shape, size and decorative value.

2. Drainage

Whichever container you choose, it must have adequate drainage holes. Because healthy plants not only need room to grow, but also need sufficient oxygen for root system. Excess water must be able to escape or plants will be drowned.

YUBO double color flower pot (1)

3. Durability

The length of life depends on the quality and type of materials used and where the container will be located.  Think about whether you only need a temporary container or one that will last for longer. More durable pots may cost more at first, but are worth the investment.

4. Insulation performance

How quickly a container heats or cools can play an important role in pot selection. In cool weather, consider choosing a dark pot with good thermal properties to attract heat. This may be an advantage to protect fragile roots from frost, and can help extend the growing season by keeping the soil warmer for longer. In hot weather, dense containers like polystyrene boxes help provide a buffer against the heat.

YUBO double color flower pot (4)

5. Portability

Moist soil becomes heavy when wet. If you choose heavy container, it will be difficult to move it.

It is recommended to consider the total weight (soil + pot + plants + water) of each container.

You may choose a heavier pot if you are unlikely to move it. A lightweight one is a good choice if you want to bring it indoors occasionally, protect it from the weather or pests, or change the look of your garden from time to time.

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