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Multi-purpose Plastic Folding Crate
Dec 31, 2021

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Multi-purpose plastic folding crate:

1.Material- Collapsible plastic fruit crate made of 100% virgin pp, it's safe to use for food grade packaging.

2.Foldable- Crates fold flat for tidy storage, save space. Economical shipping cost and space utilization.

3.Stackable- Embedded stacking design, multi-layer cargo stacking move stable.

4.Quality- Ensure the higher strength and bearing capacity with rational design and accurate grasp of product quality.

5.Use- Suitable for supermarket fruit and vegetable display stand, easy to assemble and dismantle.

All plastic fruit crates are molded from 100% high quality HDPE material. There are no nails or splintering that can prick fruits.

YUBO is the only plastic crates manufacturer you can trust when quality and fast turnaround is a priority.

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