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New Product: 530x365x335mm Collapsible Clear Container
Oct 16, 2020

New Product: 530x365x335mm Collapsible Clear Container


Clear color good looking, visualizes management, easy collection. Ideal for commercial and personal use.

Space saving, foldable: These stackable, collapsible storage bins can collapse completely flat to make them easier to store when not being used.

clear collapsible crate1

Multipurpose Storage Crate: plastic storage box fits in your trunk to help you organize things what you need, is ideal for organizing closet space, keeping your vehicle trunk neatly arranged, or storing toys or blankets.

This foldable storage box is a fantastic, bulky solution to simplify all of your family's activities, trips and daily tasks, a stackable plastic storage box, requiring less space when not in use. Ideal for guaranteeing safe groceries in the trunk when driving.

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