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Nine feet plastic pallet
Apr 10, 2018

Nine feet plastic pallet:

Nine feet the bottom of the pallet is not like “3 runner” or “cruciform perimeter-base” pallet as very rules, the bottom there is a' nine leg, consisting of nine feet pallet most types of light plastic pallet, not easy for or heavy goods shelves, turnover use case nine feet tray is mostly used to warehouse goods pad storehouse board moistureproof, for light cargo turnover can also be used.


1. Characteristics

1) All around the fork, easy to operate;

2) It is not suitable for stacking in the warehouse. To use on all kinds of shelves, pay attention to its        load requirements;

3) The nine-foot pallet is suitable for all kinds of truck transportation, which is convenient for                 assembling and transporting materials.

4) Convenient handling tools such as forklift truck and hydraulic pallet truck;

5) Cooperate with anti-skid rubber to ensure that the material will not slip during handling and                 transportation;

6) Long service life, and can be used for bad reuse;

7) Plastic pallets are safe, sanitary and moth proof, and need not be repaired.

              10001000140mm gridding 9 feet buy shipping plastic pallet (1).jpg

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