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Nine feet plastic pallet
May 10, 2018

Nine feet plastic pallet:

Nine feet plastic pallet is also known as plastic pallet, floor board, pallet, barn board and foot board. Now, the products developed and produced by domestic plastic products manufacturers have gained wide praise in the market by high-quality and low-priced products and the marketing mode of seeking survival by honesty in the course of 20 years' development and innovation. Widely used in automobile, food, tobacco, medicine, paper making, hotel, printing, electronic and electrical appliances, chemical industry, clothing, textile, warehousing and logistics and other industries.

The bottom of the nine-legs pallet is not as regular as the' 3 runners' or' Cruciform Perimeter-Base' pallet. its bottom is composed of' nine legs'. most models of the nine-legs pallet are light weight plastic pallets, which are not easy to be used for the turnover of goods on rack or heavier goods. in most cases, the nine-legs pallet is used for the moistureproof use of warehouse cargo pads and for the turnover of light goods.

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