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Nine-feet plastic pallet
Jul 06, 2018

Nine-feet plastic pallet:

Nine-feet plastic pallet, that is according to the shape of the plastic pallet, the bottom of this type of plastic pallet is a nine-feet model, hence the name of nine-feet plastic pallet.This kind of general load is relatively light, and it is not suitable for loading goods on the shelf or transferring heavy goods. Nine-feet pallets are generally used as light goods pallet in the warehouse and light goods in the forklift.The surface shape of such pallets is: plane and grid.

Nine-legged plastic tray feature:

1. Four-way forward fork, simple and convenient operation;

2. It is not suitable for stacking in the warehouse. It should be used on all kinds of shelves.

3. The nine-feet pallet is suitable for all kinds of truck transportation, facilitating the containerized and unitized       transportation of materials.

4. Convenient forklift, hydraulic pallet truck and other handling tools;

5. Cooperate with anti-skid rubber to ensure that materials will not slip during handling and transportation;

6. Long service life and bad reuse;

7. The plastic pallet is safe, hygienic, insect-proof and moth-proof, without repair.

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