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Pallet container characteristics
Jan 08, 2018

Pallet container characteristics:

1.  Low pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used for injection molding, acid and alkali resistance, leakproof, impact resistance and high strength.

2. The bottom can be "3 runner style", "nine foot" structure, mechanical or manual forklift can operate, easy to store, can stack, can be used by the wheel.

3. Good loading performance, stable chemical performance, suitable for large fish farms, printing and bleaching fields, electroplating plants, cigarette factories, food factories, leather tanneries, etc.

4. The packing range is wide, applicable to the loading or card board solid, liquid, powder, paste and other materials.

5. The container body adopts the injection molding technology, the product design is one-piece in the pallet and the container body, especially suitable for the use of forklift truck and manual moving truck, the card board is more flexible and convenient.

Plastic pallet container is widely used in textile printing and dyeing; Machinery manufacturing; Auto parts; Food enterprises; Beverage           enterprises; Warehousing logistics; Supermarket stores; The breeding.

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