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plant the fleshy in door
Nov 11, 2016

         Plant the fleshy in door


 Most plants are in the daytime photosynthesis, absorption of carbon dioxide, the release of oxygen, night respiration, absorption of oxygen, the release of carbon dioxide. So the general plant is not suitable for indoor planting placed, will increase the night of carbon dioxide content, while the night is often people in the room to rest time, the human body disadvantage. However, many cacti and many meat plants are just the opposite, due to growth in hot and humid areas, during the day to avoid water loss, closed stomata, night stomatal open absorption of CO2 and then the formation of malic acid stored in large vacuoles, CO2 during the day for photosynthesis. This unique metabolic way becomes "Sedum Acidic Metabolism".

 So Cactus and fleshy plants are ideal for indoor planting.


 Like Cactus and fleshy, you can use the small color of the lovely pots, Add a lot of lively atmosphere to the home or the balcony. Because the cactus does not need regular fertilizing, the 10 cm diameter of the flower pot is almost enough.


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