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Planting method of seedling and vegetable
Sep 27, 2017

Planting method of seedling and vegetable

The first step: soaking seeds, soaking the seeds in normal water for 3--5 hours, and extending them in winter. Different seed times are different

To raise the drum as a full degree. When the seeds are soaked, remove the seeds, control the water and prepare to plant seeds.

The second step: sow seeds. The seedling of paper, or a good absorbent gauze soaked in the flat tray on the shop at home, you can also use the drain basket oh! The bubble good seed wash Lishui uniform shop in the nursery paper,

Seeds not overlapping.

The third step: spray germination. The seeds covered with a layer of gauze or paper, paper with water pouring through the nursery, pay attention not only to the surface of wet seeds, watering seedling paper or gauze,

Let the nursery paper or gauze fully moisturizing. Be careful not to fill the water.

The fourth step: avoid light. Position the container at the light escape,

Preferably in the dark, spray water 2-3 times a day and keep it moist.

The fifth step: see the light green. When the shoots grow to 3-4

Centimeters high, with above paper, put on seedling light in the weak light to slowly cut from weak to strong, can not be placed in the sun.

The sixth step: harvesting. Shoots grow to 10 cm long, you can harvest food. Note: peas, spinach, pine willow can harvest two to three crops.

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