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Plastic Air Pruning Pot Container for Plant Root Control
Jul 16, 2021


A good start is critical in growing a healthy plant. Air Pruning Pot will eliminates root circling, which overcomes the defects of root entanglement caused by conventional container seedlings. Total root amount is increased 2000-3000%, seedlings survival rate reaches more than 98%, seedling period is reduced by half, management work after transplanting the amount is reduced by more than 50%, air root container can make the root system of seedlings strong and grow vigorously, especially for large seedlings cultivation and transplanting, seasonal transplanting and afforestation under harsh conditions. It has obvious advantages.



1. Root-enhancing: there is special film on the air pruning pot inner wall, side wall is convex and concave, outer protruding top has stomata. When seedling root grows outwards and downwards, it contacts the air (small holes on the side wall) or any part of the inner wall, root tip stops growing, and then 3 new roots sprout from the back of the root tip and continue to grow outwards and downwards. In this way, the number of roots increases 3 times, which greatly increases the number of short and thick lateral roots, Total root amount is increased 2000-3000% higher than that of conventional field seedlings.

2. Root control: general seedling cultivation technology, main root is too long, lateral root development is weak. The entanglement phenomenon of seedling roots is very common with conventional container seedling raising methods. Root control technology can make the lateral roots short and thick, and the number of development is large, while limiting main roots growth, will not form entangled roots.

3. Growth promotion: Due to dual effects of root control container and the substrate, seedling root system is strong, can store a large amount of nutrients to meet seedling growth at the initial stage of planting, create good conditions for the seedling survival and rapid growth. When transplanting, it does not damage the roots, simple management procedure, high survival rate, fast growth rate.

air pruning pot

Comparing with common pots


Common pots

Air root pot


Transplant survival rate

Less than 30% 

More than 98%

+ 3 times

Seedling period

2-5 years

1-3 years

- 30% - 50%

Total roots

100 %


+ 20-30 times

Service life period

1-3 years

4-5 years

+ 25% - 50%

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