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Plastic Folding and Collapsible Pallet Box Manufacturer
Mar 26, 2021

Plastic Folding and Collapsible Pallet Box Manufacturer

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When seeking the best option for your shipping and storage container needs, look no further than plastic containers and bins from One Way Solutions. Our containers and bins come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing us to meet the needs of many different businesses in many different industries. Finding the perfect sized bin will allow you to minimize your storage space and maximize your available floor space for maximum productivity and efficiency.


Foldable Large Containers have the strength required to fulfil the requirements of any supply chain.

Collapsible Pallet Box which is very robust and practical with great space saving on storage and return transportation when folded. Euro Pallet Size 1200x8000x950mm with 3 Runners (but is available with a 4 feet option as special order.) It comes with Three Doors as standard: 2 x Opening Doors one on each Long Side of the Box.


Heavy duty stackable plastic pallet container, edible grade plastic, can be loaded with fruits and vegetables, can also be loaded with chemical raw materials, industrial accessories, suitable for a variety of industries, can be folded, save 70% space, reduce transportation costs.

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