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Plastic folding pallet container
May 02, 2018

Plastic folding pallet container 

Plastic folding pallet container is designed to reduce the storage volume and logistics transportation cost when empty box logistics products, folding pallet box in inherited the closed pallet box product bearing ( dynamic load 1T; static load 4T) consistent design, HDPE material through foaming treatment impact resistance is strong.

Matching cardboard box cover of man-shaped folding pallet box ( the design of box cover is inlaid with style, to prevent dust; The stacking between the plastic pallet box is not affected after the matched card board cover ) friendship tip: the folding card board cover can not bear weight. 

Advantages of large plastic pallet container:

1, the use is convenient, and the space is saved;

2. the service life of the plastic pallet box is about 10 times longer than that of the water tank;

3, plastic pallet box is much lighter than the same type of wooden cases and metal box weight, using integrated molding so in handling and transportation performance is better;

4, plastic pallet box can be washed with water at any time, beautiful and environmentally friendly;

5, can be widely used for liquid and powdery goods storage turnover, widely used;


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