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Plastic pallet daily maintenance precautions
Aug 22, 2017

Plastic pallet daily maintenance precautions

1, When using the plastic pallet, pay attention to gently, do notlet the plastic pallet uneven force, otherwise it is easy to damage the plastic pallet.

2, If it is stacking the use of plastic pallet, to see the bottom of the plastic pallet that load-bearing capacity, there is no damage to the situation, if any, to timely reduce the weight.

3, When the goods placed, we are best placed on average, so you can avoid the lifting of the time, there side of the situation.

4, The use of plastic pallet handling of goods, to consider the size of the goods can not meet the use of plastic pallets, to avoid the size of unsuitable and bear the plastic pallet.

5, In order to make the plastic pallet in the course of the use of the damage is not, we recommend the use of packaging code in the form of the goods put on the plastic pallet up, this is conducive to the handling and transport of plastic pallets.

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