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Plastic Pallet Production Process
Jun 03, 2019


Currently, plastic pallet on the market are made of PP (polyethylene) and PE (polypropylene).

The difference between PP and PE plastic pallet is mainly due to low temperature brittleness, plastic pallet made of PP are easy to break at low temperatures, the plastic pallet made of PE material is hard, not easy to break at low temperature, but PP materials are low cost and relatively inexpensive.

Now, in the process of developing new materials, there is also a similar polymer PP plastic, which improves the performance of PP plastics through technical processes, making it impact resistant, cold resistant and load-bearing performance greatly improved.

2.Load bearing and weight

The choice of plastic pallet load bearing mainly depends on enterprise needs. If the goods are light, you can choose a nine-feet plastic pallet or a plastic pallet without steel tubes. In the case of ensuring that it can meet the load-bearing requirements, the pallet can be light, not only easy to manage, but also save a lot of cost when transporting.


3.Production Process

Plastic pallets production process is also closely related to the quality of pallets. At present, plastic pallet mainly have two processes of injection molding and blow molding.

Overall, the quality of plastic pallets produced by blow molding will be better, but price will be much higher than the injection pallet. Injection molding pallet have shorter production times and application scenarios are broader than blow molding.

Usually blow molding pallets are mainly used in harsh environments and high-intensity work. Injection molding pallet can be used in warehouses, cold storage, food, chemical, auto parts and other industries. Meet the needs of different industries.

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