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Plastic Pallet stacked code way
Mar 02, 2018

Plastic Pallet stacked code way

According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods contained in the tray and the size of the pallet, a reasonable way to determine the goods stacked on the pallet. Tray bearing surface area utilization should generally not be less than 80%. For the pallets of goods yard put the following requirements:

1, Wood, paper and metal containers rigid cube goods such as single or multiple staggered stacking, stretching or shrink film packaging;

2, Paper or fiber goods single-storey multi-storey code, with a cross seal with straps.

3, Sealed metal containers and other single or multi-layer cylindrical cargo yard, wooden cargo cover reinforcement.

4, To be moisture-proof, waterproof and other protective paper products, textile goods single or multi-layer staggered stacking, stretch or shrink film packaging goods to increase the angle of support, cargo cover partitions and other reinforcement structure;

5, Fragile cargo one-way or multi-layer code placed to increase the structure of the wood baffle

6, Metal bottles of cylindrical containers or cargo single vertical yard, an increase of cargo box and slab reinforcement structure;

7, Multi-storey bag of goods staggered stacked code.

3 YBPP-005 pallet anti-slip surface.jpg

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