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Plastic pallet storage precautions
Sep 13, 2017

Plastic pallet storage precautions


1, In the storage pallet, the first thing to pay attention to the placement of goods, the goods placed on both sides of the warehouse, so that when the use of the pallet will be more convenient to transport and move. In the stacking of goods, you can increase the height of its stacking, the effective use of its limited space, so not only to improve its safety, but also improve work efficiency.

2, in the storage pallet, the same type of pallet placed in the same area, so as to avoid the trouble of transport and loading and unloading, but also can reduce the selection of goods in the process.

3, when the storage pallet, but also according to its shape classification placed, and some pallet if casually placed, it will cause the pallet deformation.

4, In the storage pallet, the warehouse staff to ensure that the warehouse is dry, do not let it be affected by chemical substances, usually regular inspection and maintenance, to extend the service life of the pallet


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