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Plastic pallets application in various industries
Jun 04, 2018

Plastic pallets application in various industries

Plastic pallets have a wide range of applications. There are plastic pallets in the beverage industry, export industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, beer industry, cigarette industry, flour industry and other industries. Below, we will introduce the use of plastic pallets in various industries:

    Logistics industry: In the logistics industry, plastic pallets are used more frequently, and more frequent transportation tools are present. When selecting plastic pallets, the use of forklift trucks is mainly considered.

    Beverage industry: The beverage industry pays more attention to the carrying and hygiene aspects of the trays. Therefore, the beverage industry chooses flat-plate double-sided welding trays, and the size of the plastic trays is selected according to the size of the goods;

    Beer industry: The beer industry usually chooses a grid to form trays at one time. The dimensions of plastic trays are generally chosen to be 1100×1100mm.

    The demand for pallets in the chemical industry is mainly due to better bearing performance. Therefore, the plastic pallets with the best carrying capacity are selected.

    Export industry: As wooden pallets are exported, they must be subjected to heating and smoke treatment and other conditions, which also have adverse effects on the environment. Plastic pallets were selected as loading tools for export goods;

    Flour industry: Large-scale flour mills will choose to use double-sided grids, and the size of plastic pallets is also selected according to the needs.

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