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Plastic pallets in the food industry development path
Oct 18, 2017

Plastic pallets in the food industry development path

With the current health standards in the food industry, most companies are increasingly aware of food safety awareness, and in the past, some of the use of wooden pallets, then they began to gradually use the plastic pallets, this is because the plastic pallets is the advantage of the relative wooden pallets is too obvious, and its plastic pallets hygiene, it is easy to clean, for moisture and moth, etc., is more acid and alkali, so that you can not nail without thorns and so on.


 The durability of plastic pallets is higher than that of wooden pallets. Plastic pallets have excellent strength and durability, health standards become more stringent, the increase in the degree of concern for pests, product structure and features more prominent, which have prompted the plastic pallets industry from the embryonic stage of rapid development into a stable period. The current global demand for plastic pallets is growing at a rate of 10% per year. The tightening of hygiene standards is the driving force behind the growth in demand for plastic pallets in industrial areas such as pharmaceutical and food processing. Food safety and protection of consumers has become a retailer had to pay attention to the problem, limiting the use of wooden pallets is one of the measures, because the use of wooden pallets prone to wood chips, easy to mold and so on.


As the current food industry, plastic pallets, most of the production of new raw materials, and its products are non-toxic and tasteless, and its raw materials is very consistent with the requirements of the food industry, and has also been unanimously approved by customers.



The number of the use of the pallets is very large, and its potential is infinite, so the food business in the procurement of plastic pallets, remember to choose the scale of a large integrity and high brand awareness of the plastic pallets manufacturers, we should not seek cheap Suffer from the loss of plastic pallets with recycled materials, not only to reduce the use of life, but also cause food contamination, causing unnecessary losses.


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