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Plastic pallets on the accumulation of goods needs
Jan 05, 2018

Plastic pallets on the accumulation of goods needs

Plastic pallets in the logistics operation frequency is very high, and the use is also very extensive, its presentation to the day, the power of logistics operations is very high, so we can see in many places the use of plastic pallets. Generally stacked on plastic pallets can be divided into 3 ways. Both barreled, bagged, boxed. However, the accumulation of these methods usually time is often not the same.

Bottled: plastic barrels of goods on the tray when the time to pay attention to the selection of suitable size plastic tray, according to the diameter of the cylindrical barrel to the appropriate selection. Assuming that drums do not have any standards, there is not a lot of hamstrung for choosing pallets, which basically means that the force-receiving surface of the pallet will reach 80%.

Bagged: general bagged items at the time of access, in accordance with the method of stacking five layers, the first layer is horizontal two vertical three, the second contrary, the third layer and the first layer of the same, so that each layer There will be no gap, so that even the force tray, but also the maximum limit of the use of plastic pallets.

Boxed: General plastic boxed goods are mainly in accordance with the method of stitching, the first layer of goods placed in the future, the second layer on the first floor of the gap at the sub-analogy, so put together both regular and convenient, And can make the goods more stable, more uniform force, but also to maintain the plastic pallet is not bent.

The above three kinds of methods are several types of plastic tray display methods, different items placed in different ways, we have to pay more attention.

        This shows that the use of plastic pallets is very strong, to illustrate the use of plastic pallets planning is very wide, and its function is also very good.

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