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Plastic Stackable Logistics Box with Lid
Nov 20, 2019

Stackable logistics box has smooth internal surfaces and rounded corners for easy cleaning and excellent product protection. Side card clip design, easy classification management.


Widely used in various industries such as: logistics distribution, storage, transportation, food, automotive, electronics and so on. Plastic turnover box can also be used in fishery, warehouse refrigerated storage, etc., acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, avirulent insipidity, can be used for serving food and so on, convenient cleaning, convenient turnovering, neatly stacked, facilitate management.

logistics turnover box

Logistics turnover box matched with a variety of logistic containers and station facilities,used for All kinds of warehouse, production site and other occasions, in today's logistics management enterprise pay more and more attention on it, turnover box help complete logistics container generalization, integration management, is the modern logistics management essentials for production and circulation enterprises.

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