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Plastic Starting Plant Trays for Nursery
Oct 11, 2019

Seedling tray can be used for growing plants. You simply need to add soil and compost to the holes and plant the seeds. Keep watering the seeds at regular intervals, It has raised channels to ensure free drainage. The 72 cavities will ensure its practicability in the work of high performance. Nursery box can be conveniently used for centralized management, saving time and effort, being simple and safe to use, and having a long service life.


Starting plant trays can be combined with flat trays and propagation domes to form a mini-greenhouse. Transparent lid can play a insulation role with moisturizing effect, and do not need plastic wrap. Perfect helper for home gardeners and hobbyists.

clear plastic vented humidity dome for 1020 seed germination tray  (2)

This is a premium seed sprouter tray. Great for starting tomato, pepper, eggplant, okra, watermelon and many other plant varieties.



1. After planting, transparent cover can be used to cover the plant, because the evaporation of plant water is less, generally can not be watered for a week.

2. After germination, the transparent cover should be opened in time to increase ventilation and reduce humidity, which is conducive to seedling disease prevention.

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