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Plastic Tree Nursery Seed Trays With Big Cells, 18 cells plastic seed tray
Dec 01, 2016

      18 cells plastic seed tray, 

          suitable for nursery stock,vegetables. 



Product Details

1.Tray size:510*190(mm)

2.Cell hight:88(mm)

3.Cell sytle: square

4.Cell volume:288(cc)

5.Thickness 1.0mm

6.Weight: 155g


Product Usage:

1. To save the amount of seeds, high survival rate. 

2. Reduce production costs. 

3. Using a new pvc material, anti-aging more durable.

4. Emergence of neat, to maintain the consistency of plant seedlings. 

5. Suitable for long-distance transport.

Product Features:

1.Easy to carry,high quanlity 

2.Square hole is conducive to uniform moisture distribution, seed

 root development more fully.

3.Wall thickness, suitable for 2-4 years of repeated use

4.The appropriate depth of the design, perfect to provide root 




 If you are interested, please feel free to contact us:info@yubocorp.com

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