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Plastic Turnover Box Classification
Jun 14, 2019

Plastic logistics box, turnover box made of high-quality plastic, it has wide range of uses, convenient parts turnover, neat stacking, easy to manage. Its reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for transportation, distribution and storage in the factory logistics, also suitable for vegetables and fruits.



Plastic logistics box is very sturdy and durable, according to the shape, plastic logistics box divided:


1.Turnover box (Smooth interior walls provide maximum volume utilization, non-slip base, safe to move, stable stacking,and the lid protects the contents from dust and damage.)


2.Attached lid containers (The lid has a special design, that can be fitted with a concave type eversion lid, easily opened and closed securely, protect contents from dust or damage, and reinforced steel hinge pins provide years of smooth lid operation. Attached lid containers can be stacked to save space.)


3.Stack nest container (Not only flexible multi-box stacking, and the empty boxes stacking can be realized without the help of other auxiliary accessories.)


4.Folding small container (Collapsible and foldable design helps to save space, and is easy to carry and transport, reinforced bottoms, corners and sides.)


5.Folding large container (Features a folding design for easy storage and transport, the sidewall of the box has reinforcing ribs, which can improve the loading capacity and reduce the deformation rate of the sidewall. )

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