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Grid Turnover Box for Vegetable Delivery
Sep 27, 2019

Plastic turnover basket made of HDPE or Virgin PP. They are non-toxic and harmless, easy to clean and not pollute vegetables.This is much better than bamboo or wooden baskets. If the bamboo basket is not dried in time after being damp, it is easy to mold and rot, especially in the continuous rainy days in summer, it is easy to grow mildew on the surface, vegetables are easily contaminated. Plastic turnover basket need only be kept clean and will not contaminate the vegetables inside.  so plastic containers are widely used for vegetable storage, distribution and transportation.

Fruit storage crate

From the perspective of structure, all four sides of plastic crates are meshed and can be kept ventilated. Many vegetables contain more moisture. If they are collided, it is easy to outflow moisture. If you use closed box for delivery, vegetables moisture flowing out of the damaged parts can't be drained in time, it is very easy to rot and deteriorate, affects pollution to other vegetables and reduces their quality.

Fruit storage crate handles design, position and structure are ideal for handling and carrying. Always put the comfort of handling in the first place is the purpose of its design.

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