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Plastic turnover box overview
Nov 08, 2017

Plastic turnover box overview

Plastic containers is an important part of plastic packaging materials, mainly for the circulation of goods circulation, also used in the production of goods parts turnover, including between the next process, workshop and workshop and supporting Turnover of parts between plant and assembly plant.

Plastic crates and most of the plastic packaging materials are different, the general multi-plastic packaging materials, one-time use, remove the product, the packaging material to complete its historical mission of waste disposal. The turnover box is often used after recycling repeated use, so the plastic container in the design concept, in addition to taking into account it in the use of the process, to the contents of the good protection and storage function , Often also need to consider the stacking of empty containers to save storage area and reduce transportation costs.

The production and application of plastic crates in China has taken a while, but in the past ten years it has witnessed extremely rapid development. Now almost completely replace the traditional wooden crates, in the field of food and non-food have been widely used. The reason why plastic container can quickly replace the traditional wooden container, in addition to timber resources, supply difficulties, the plastic turnover box superior performance, easy molding, low price.

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