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Plug Seedling Water Management
May 17, 2018

Plug Seedling Water Management

The most important job in seed production is water management. However, in practice, it is often done by people with little experience. Watering at the wrong time or in the wrong way can seriously affect the production of plug seedlings.

Absolutely not allowed the seedlings to completely dry; otherwise, the matrix is too saturated with water, causing root hypoxia (0-2%)

Seedlings production water management is generally based on the demarcation of the cotyledon.

Moisture management before cotyledon development is relatively simple, that is, the lower half of the cryptoporous matrix must remain moist. Only the dry and wet alternation of the upper half of the hole can be controlled.

After the cotyledon is unfolded, it is necessary to control the lower half of the hole base substrate to see dry and wet, according to the changes of the environment and the growth of the plant. You can pick up part of the substrate before you water it, and see if there is a certain amount of humidity in the lower part. Of course, holding the tray to estimate its weight, in order to determine the humidity of the matrix is a more ideal test method. The premise is that you must have some experience in knowing the weight of the tray when it is at different levels of humidity. It is also possible to lift the tray to see if the substrate at the bottom of the tray has dried out to determine whether or not to add water. By watering, let 10% of the water seep out of the plug tray and enter the wet cycle. When fertilizing or applying medicine, it must be thoroughly drenched. When pouring water, you only need to pour water through the tray.

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