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PP round plastic nursery pot
Nov 16, 2016

    PP round plastic nursery pot

Plastic nursery pot have been widely used to plant the flower in

the world, China's flower cultivation has also accounted for a 

large proportion. At present At present the price of plastic pots 

are still slightly higher than pottery in china, With the economic

development, plastic pots will gradually replace the ordinary pots.

As the plastic nursery pot material light, beautiful shape,colorful

and complete specifications. By the welcome of flower production, 

management and consumers. It is suitable for large-scale production

of flowers, transportation and landscaping Place the application.


The specifications of PP round plastic nursery pots are generally 

expressed in mm of the diameter of the basin, for example, 230, 

means 230 mm in diameter. You can purchased directly according to 

the needs of various types of pots. As the plastic pots slightly 

less than the ordinary pottery permeability, potted soil used 

should be more loose and breathable. Another drawback of plastic 

pots is the ease of aging. Use for a long time, especially in the 

open air environment, the aging of the basin is very easy to break,

the use of the need to pay attention.


We always supply the nursery pots dimeter 9cm to 24cm, include the

blow molding and thermoformed type.

PP Round Nursery Pots feature:

1. Blow-molded with dural color layering with a black interior for maxium root protection from light.

2. Light weight,durable Polyproylene for greater cost efficiency.

3. Multi-level drain holes for efficient drainage.

4. Strong rims for efficient use in high-speed automated systems .

5. Full black (inside & outside both in black)

6. Various size for plastic flower pot in stock. 


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